The Society

In the past thirty years, there has been a dramatic explosion of interest in research on emotion. The interdisciplinary and cross-cultural scope of the scholarship created the need for a society where emotion researchers from different disciplines and cultures could come together. To address this need, the International Society for Research on Emotions (ISRE) was founded in 1984 with four principal objectives:

  1. To provide a forum for the exchange of information of interests to its members
  2. To foster critical discussion of new ideas and findings on emotion
  3. To encourage collaboration on, or joint exploration of, new research areas
  4. To organize workshops and training institutes on new techniques and paradigms

Since then, ISRE has convened a rich assortment of exciting meetings in Europe and North America. This year we will meet in St. Louis, Missouri (USA). The ISRE conference has attracted the best minds and the best-known names in the field, as well as an increasing number of younger researchers who are on the way to establishing substantial careers of their own.

Perhaps the most valuable outcome of these many meetings—apart from the terrific times enjoyed by the members on each occasion—have been the cross-disciplinary relationships that have integrated what once were isolated pockets of research tucked away in the corners of various disciplines into a prominent and powerful multi-faceted research discipline.

ISRE has an excellent online newsletter that informs members of ISRE news, upcoming events, and articles written by researchers, typically focused on a single topic (e.g. jealousy, nasty emotions, basic emotions) for a professional audience, but written accessibly so that members in various disciplines are kept abreast of the most exciting new views and findings in a wide range of fields. There is also a Facebok page, a website, and a listserv for communicating with the entire membership.